Diversity and Inclusion

Valuing diversity, equality and inclusion

At the Workplace Injury Commission we know people are more than a single identity and believe that everyone is unique, a quality that is valued and embraced.

Building an inclusive organisation and culture is aligned to the principles of how we work ensures we focus on the wellbeing of our people and the Victorian community we aim to serve.

At the Workplace Injury Commission we value our people and their individual qualities. Regardless of your background, gender, age or how you choose to identify; there is a place for you here at the Workplace Injury Commission. We continuously work to ensure this diverse and inclusive culture thrives and that our differences are celebrated.

We’re committed to nurturing a diverse, inclusive and respectful workplace culture where you can be your true self, every day.

Our Commitment

At the Workplace Injury Commission, our workforce has such strong female representation at all levels (this makes us pretty unique within Victoria).

We are proud to be leaders in gender equality. Women make up 74% of the Workplace Injury Commission workforce and more than half of our senior leaders and managers. We have a strong male and female talent, and we support gender pay equity at the Workplace Injury Commission, ensuring that all our people, regardless of gender are equally awarded.

We believe that we can always do better to ensure we have a diverse and representative workforce and are striving for a culture that includes a range of perspectives, backgrounds and experience  to help us see the full picture, not just the picture we know and understand.

We are committed to reflecting the diversity of the Victorian community in our own workforce, and provide support and education to prevent and eliminate all forms of harassment, bullying and discrimination.

At the Workplace Injury Commission, we foster a culture built on respect, collaboration, inclusivity, integrity, accountability and responsiveness. We understand that in order to leverage the strengths of our people, they need to feel a sense of belonging. At the Workplace Injury Commission, we don't just walk the talk but we continuously take steps to ensure all our people are recognised and respected for their contribution and valued for their individual and unique differences.