Learning and Growth at the Workplace Injury Commission

Our cultural vision is to be a learning organisation that attracts curious and enthusiastic people and retains them through progressive learning programs and thriving culture.

We are currently building an exciting learning and development framework that offers professional development opportunities to all of our employees, which builds on the many great learning foundations we already have in place.

We support blended learning at the Workplace Injury Commission encouraging learning and development opportunities via a range of delivery models including formal and informal learning programs, online learning, collegiate learning and learning on the job.

Our Capability Framework

We are transforming. We want staff to grow, develop and thrive here and to foster an ongoing learning culture. We know that learning and development is important and we are in the final stages of designing a Capability Framework that will support many aspects of our learning strategy and development programs. The framework will outline the critical capabilities (behaviours, skills and knowledge) that enable our people to be successful across three key areas:

  1. Core capabilities (relevant across the whole organisation)
  2. Leadership capabilities (relevant to those in people leadership roles)
  3. Technical capabilities for our Registry, Conciliation and Arbitration teams.

The framework will provide the foundation for many aspects of career development and advancement for our people and we are very excited to be launching it soon.

Professional Development Days

To support ongoing growth and learning within the Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) profession, we have monthly Professional Development days for ADR practitioners. The sessions cover a variety of topics, including technical and soft skill development, updates on legislation, master-classes on relevant topics, speakers from external organisations and universities, and internal knowledge sharing.

As we continue to enhance our learning and development offering and finalise our Capability Framework, we will be extending this monthly development opportunity to other business areas.

Leadership Development Program

This program is targeted at existing and emerging leaders - both people and technical. Participants are encouraged to apply new skills to develop habits that result in greater personal and organisational impact.

The program takes participants on a 15-month journey that explores and strengthens aspects of leadership and culture. The program comprises three parts:

  1. Leadership Essentials – This phase provides participants with an understanding of the stages of human development, essential behavioural psychology and neurobiology concepts that are fundamental for effective contemporary leadership. Before commencing the first phase, participants complete the Human Synergistics Life Styles Inventory (LSI) assessment, to provide a deeper understanding of their personal leadership style.
  2. Leading Culture – This phase challenges participants to explore their impact on culture and the importance of deliberate choices at different times in an organisation’s cultural cycle.
  3. Advanced Leadership – This phase is a powerful examination of the leader, their understanding of their evolving self, their impact and legacy. This series invites participants to reveal more of themselves, exploring aspects of ego, purpose and vulnerability.

Access to External Training Programs

Employees can attend funded external training and accreditation programs that are relevant to their role and business needs.

As we continue to develop our learning and development framework we will be integrating external programs into our annual training offering and building alliances with universities and registered training providers to deliver customised programs aligned to our organisational needs.

LinkedIn Learning

All employees are provided with access to LinkedIn Learning; an on-demand library of instructional videos and courses covering a vast range of software, business, interpersonal, leadership and creative skills.

Study Assistance

The Workplace Injury Commission offers its people the opportunity to undertake a formal course of study for qualifications relevant to the organisation’s business needs. This program has supported our people to increase their career potential.

The Workplace Injury Commission supports its people to study with one or more of the following: paid leave, unpaid leave, and/or a financial contribution towards course fees or materials.

Through this program, the Workplace Injury Commission seeks to provide the support that assists our people to perform to their maximum capability in their current roles. We believe in the recognition and retention of our people and the development of high-performing employees.

Although the Workplace Injury Commission is committed to assisting its people in their educational endeavours, there will be instances where some of our people may personally contribute to the cost of their studies.