Meet Our People

We have an incredible team of people. They’re humble, compassionate and driven - and they make a real impact every day. We’re proud to share their inspiring stories with you.

Alyssa Duffy: Chief Executive Officer

Alyssa is taking our proud legacy to the next level with our innovative arbitration service - and a new brand. At the heart of everything this humble CEO does? People, and the respectful relationships she nurtures.

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Andrea Vaughan: Conciliation Officer

Andrea’s journey to the Workplace Injury Commission was a little different to most. Working alongside our organisation as a party to the dispute gave her a deep insight into our impact - and she knew she wanted to be a part of it.

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Alex Zheng: Client Services Officer

As the first point of contact for injured workers, Alex brings enormous empathy to his role. He’d been searching for a meaningful career and work-life balance. At the Workplace Injury Commission, he’s found both, and so much more.

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Zeena Haidar: Finance Business Partner

Born and raised in Melbourne, Zeena wants to help make her city a better place. Her finance and business expertise ensures we can empower even more injured Victorians to find a way forward.

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