Employee Recognition and Benefits

At the Workplace Injury Commission, we provide our people with access to a large number of employee benefits that support our people both personally and professionally.

We believe in supporting our people in all aspect and stages of their lives. The Workplace Injury Commission, provides generous and industry leading  leave options to support our diverse group of talent.

These include:

  • Parental Leave for both primary and secondary carers, to provide essential family bonding time after the birth, adoption or permanent care placement of a child
  • Dedicated Carer’s Leave on top of your personal leave – because your family’s health and wellbeing are important too
  • Pre-natal Leave for medical appointments throughout you or your partner’s pregnancy
  • Pre-adoption Leave to support the adoption process, and parental leave once an adoption is successful
  • IVF Leave to assist employees and their partners undergoing In Vitro Fertilisation treatment
  • Surrogacy Leave for employees who have entered into a formal surrogacy arrangement
  • Family Violence Leave to support the safety and wellbeing of employees if you are going through an already difficult time
  • Gender Transition Leave to encourage employees undergoing gender affirmation procedures to be your full self at work
  • Cultural and Ceremonial Leave for attendance at significant religious or cultural events
  • Leave for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees to participate in the First Peoples’ Assembly of Victoria and NAIDOC week
  • Infectious Diseases Leave to support your recovery and help you to keep others safe
  • Blood Donor Leave
  • Access to the Sick Leave Pool in the event of a serious or terminal illness, or to access a medically referred drug or alcohol rehabilitation program
  • Leave to participate in Australian Defence Reserve service and Voluntary Emergency Management Activities
  • Study Leave to enable you to attend lectures, tutorials and exams for approved study
  • The option to access up to 8 additional weeks of Purchased Leave to enjoy throughout the year

People across the Workplace Commission perform and do great work every day.

We offer a range of employee benefits, from industry-leading parental leave entitlements to a range of flexible work arrangements.

The Workplace Injury Commission offers its people the opportunity to undertake a formal course of study for qualifications relevant to the organisation’s business needs. This program has supported our people to increase their career potential.

The Workplace Injury Commission supports its people to study with one or more of the following: paid leave, unpaid leave, and/or a financial contribution towards course fees or materials.

Through this program, the Workplace Injury Commission seeks to provide the support that assists our people to perform to their maximum capability in their current roles. We believe in the recognition and retention of our people and the development of high-performing employees.

Although the Workplace Injury Commission is committed to assisting its people in their educational endeavours, there will be instances where some of our people may personally contribute to the cost of their studies.

Our people have access to salary packaging options with arrangements to salary sacrifice in respect of superannuation, a novated lease and/or other approved benefits under State or Federal legislation.